The Roses of My Garden

The roses of my garden represent you.

The deep red, your beauty.

The sun kissed orange, your individuality.

The variegated, your sense of style.

The pastel peach, your presentation.

The soft yellow, your light within.



It Has Come to This

Tomatoe & Hummingbird

It has come to this…

the beautiful luxury of watching

tomatoes turn red

and hummingbirds dart and linger

amid the vines


Let Go

Let go all your disappointment.

Let go all your disillusionment.

Let go all your dissatisfaction.

Let go all your anger, your hurt, your fear.

I will love you, I shall be your sword and shield.

Never again shall you want. Never again shall you be alone.

Even unto death I will stand next to you, even after I am gone.

So, dance within the beech tree forest of your youth

Let go the song that was your heartfelt ruth.

For I will love you unto forever, forever, that is the truth.



I will meet you on the Bankovsky, where I wait on bended knees.

I will ask you for your hand in marriage, to serve you, as you please.

I will tell you, how I’ve searched all my life and traveled foreign seas.

I will whisper Ya tebya lyublyu, on the Bankovsky, where I wait on bended knees.