You Almost Have to be a Drunkard

You almost have to be a drunkard

to be a poet.

Li Po was the greatest drunkard of renown.

He drowned leaning out of a boat

trying to embrace the moon reflected in the water.

How can I compete with adjectives and nouns?


Let Go

Let go all your disappointment.

Let go all your disillusionment.

Let go all your dissatisfaction.

Let go all your anger, your hurt, your fear.

I will love you, I shall be your sword and shield.

Never again shall you want. Never again shall you be alone.

Even unto death I will stand next to you, even after I am gone.

So, dance within the beech tree forest of your youth

Let go the song that was your heartfelt ruth.

For I will love you unto forever, forever, that is the truth.



I will meet you on the Bankovsky, where I wait on bended knees.

I will ask you for your hand in marriage, to serve you, as you please.

I will tell you, how I’ve searched all my life and traveled foreign seas.

I will whisper Ya tebya lyublyu, on the Bankovsky, where I wait on bended knees.



Only Time Will Tell

Only time will tell

How long I’ve awaited

This longed-for gift

Before you were born

When I began my longing

The Endless years

Of searching for you

How would I know

That you would appear


That when I stopped looking

The gift would be given

How long I’ve awaited

To tell you I love you

Only time will tell