One Belief

I have but one belief and that is, love.

I believe love is what causes the flowers to bloom.

I believe that spring, summer, fall, winter

everything that creates life

is merely an expression of love.

The deer, the doe, the rabbit in the field,

the mountain lion that hunts them.

All are expressions of the duality of life

that would not exist without love.

What is love, it is sunlight amid darkness,

it is warmth amid coldness, it is intellect amid ignorance.

Love is to love beyond one’s self

love is the earthly manifestation of God

selfless, unselfish, redeeming, forgiving.

Love is the anticipation, appreciation, of the beauty of the bloom.


Let Go

Let go all your disappointment.

Let go all your disillusionment.

Let go all your dissatisfaction.

Let go all your anger, your hurt, your fear.

I will love you, I shall be your sword and shield.

Never again shall you want. Never again shall you be alone.

Even unto death I will stand next to you, even after I am gone.

So, dance within the beech tree forest of your youth

Let go the song that was your heartfelt ruth.

For I will love you unto forever, forever, that is the truth.


Before the Fire

All the beauty that surrounds us is there to see
the sky blue filled with clouds
that look as if a down pillow had been ripped open
spreading the feathers across the sky
the yellow brown and tan of Summer’s amber grass
and the trees the different shades of Mediterranean olive
the Scrub Oak, Bay Laurel, Gray Pines and Manzanita
all patchworked upon the purple mauve mountains
this beautiful, bountiful, California Plein Air painting
beginning to be framed by the mushroom cloud plume of today’s wildfire