Let Go

Let go all your disappointment.

Let go all your disillusionment.

Let go all your dissatisfaction.

Let go all your anger, your hurt, your fear.

I will love you, I shall be your sword and shield.

Never again shall you want. Never again shall you be alone.

Even unto death I will stand next to you, even after I am gone.

So, dance within the beech tree forest of your youth

Let go the song that was your heartfelt ruth.

For I will love you unto forever, forever, that is the truth.



I will meet you on the Bankovsky, where I wait on bended knees.

I will ask you for your hand in marriage, to serve you, as you please.

I will tell you, how I’ve searched all my life and traveled foreign seas.

I will whisper Ya tebya lyublyu, on the Bankovsky, where I wait on bended knees.



Only Time Will Tell

Only time will tell

How long I’ve awaited

This longed-for gift

Before you were born

When I began my longing

The Endless years

Of searching for you

How would I know

That you would appear


That when I stopped looking

The gift would be given

How long I’ve awaited

To tell you I love you

Only time will tell