You Almost Have to be a Drunkard

You almost have to be a drunkard

to be a poet.

Li Po was the greatest drunkard of renown.

He drowned leaning out of a boat

trying to embrace the moon reflected in the water.

How can I compete with adjectives and nouns?


When My Heart Beats

When my heart beats, it beats for you.

When my heart bleeds, it bleeds for you.

My heart’s blood is like a fine wine, aged over time

Waiting to be uncorked and drunk by you.


Famous Gate

Famous Gate

Open up your Famous Gate

Uncork the wine

Let me taste your Pinot Noir

Let your flavors of

Leather, Cherry and Plum

Linger upon my moistened lips

Let me languish

In aged French oak, perfumed

Until as hard as European wood

Let the fertility of your fruit

Titillate my tongue

Delirious with desire, derange my senses

So open up your Famous Gate

Let me sip your fragrant bouquet

Uncork the wine

Let me become satiatedly drunk

Within the your flavors of

Leather, Cherry and Plum


If Love Be The Wine

If love be the wine

If love be the wine
let me be the glass.
Let me be the vessel
that serves the liqueur
that boils in your blood
and seduces your soul.

Let me be the glass
that our two lips
might touch,
that the moisture
of your kiss
would quench my thirst
like a drink of cool water
to a dying man.

If love be the wine
let us drink until we drop.
intoxicated in love,
you’ll let the glass fall
and I’ll feel your fingers
as through them I slip
and like Adam of old
I’ll go to my ruin
with your kiss on my lips.

So… if love be the wine
then let this glass break
accepting… the kiss
you’ll shiver, I’ll shake.
God made this wine…
so let the glass break.