We Poets

We poets, we lovers of man, we lovers of love

we lovers of everything that is good and everything that is sad

We poets who love the sunrise, who love the moon

who love the wheat under a blazing sky

We poets who sing the songs of time

lovers of God, seekers of truth

We poets, who love the trees and the shade they provide

we poets, who love and abide


We The People

We are the little people

The lost people

The forgotten people.

We drive cars

With cloth upholstery and plastic dashboards

We are grateful for airbags.

We raise families, we work jobs

We contribute to society

And pray to god.

But we are the forgotten ones

The betrayed ones

The house niggers of corporate America

 Consumers for the Oligarchy

Disposable as a paper towel.


One Belief

I have but one belief and that is, love.

I believe love is what causes the flowers to bloom.

I believe that spring, summer, fall, winter

everything that creates life

is merely an expression of love.

The deer, the doe, the rabbit in the field,

the mountain lion that hunts them.

All are expressions of the duality of life

that would not exist without love.

What is love, it is sunlight amid darkness,

it is warmth amid coldness, it is intellect amid ignorance.

Love is to love beyond one’s self

love is the earthly manifestation of God

selfless, unselfish, redeeming, forgiving.

Love is the anticipation, appreciation, of the beauty of the bloom.