Cheshire Cat

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Your face

Is always fleeting before me

Like the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland



Five Years Solitarily in the Mountains


Five years I’ve lived solitarily in the mountains

The last two with my cat

She has become my faithful companion

Without her existence would be flat


A Thousand Raindrops

Cat Window Rain

Today I lay on the floor

With my cat

Both of us

Looking out the window

At the rain

Not since I was ten years old

Has the beauty and the mystery

Of a thousand raindrops

Continuously falling

And forming

Tiny individual water worlds

On the ground

Enchanted me so

The window also is a water world

Of splashes and drippings

And I have not know such tranquility

Since I was a boy

I fall asleep to the rhythm of the rain

Soothed and calmed

And am awakened by my cat

Patiently nibbling on my elbow

“Play with me, play with me.”