I have traveled far to reach Cold Mountain

mountain stream

I have traveled far

To reach Cold Mountain

The road is steep and laborious

It is also mysterious and majestic

Here a rock, there a tree

A cliff, a creek, a boulder

Four years, I have lived alone

And in that time

Only eight people have come to see me

Do I miss them… seldom

My life now belongs to the seasons

The trees, the sky, the stream


A Thousand Raindrops

Cat Window Rain

Today I lay on the floor

With my cat

Both of us

Looking out the window

At the rain

Not since I was ten years old

Has the beauty and the mystery

Of a thousand raindrops

Continuously falling

And forming

Tiny individual water worlds

On the ground

Enchanted me so

The window also is a water world

Of splashes and drippings

And I have not know such tranquility

Since I was a boy

I fall asleep to the rhythm of the rain

Soothed and calmed

And am awakened by my cat

Patiently nibbling on my elbow

“Play with me, play with me.”



I am grateful

I am grateful for all the beauty

The pain, the joy, the love, the sorrow.

I am grateful for each and every dream

The fulfilled, the unattained, the imagined, the desired.

I am grateful for the arts

The poetry, the painting, the literature, the cinematic.

I am grateful for la danse

The pain, the joy, the love, the sorrow.

I am grateful.