I Am a Terrorist

Child Kiling in Gaza

If I so loved the world, what could be said

How can I explain the sorrow and ignorance

That surrounds this generation?

How can I explain the bigotry and nationalism

Cloaked in the flag of patriotism

And a New World Order?

Have we learned nothing

Has not history taught us to question rhetoric

Does the wholesale slaughter of people not bother us any more?

Have we become so jaded

That not even death bothers us anymore

And do we not question that all opponents are now labeled terrorists?

Then I am a terrorist

A terrorist for reason, a terrorist for compassion

And a terrorist for truth!

We must open our hearts

And examine what we are being told

Read, educate ourselves and don’t trust the press!

We are all victims of our culture

And we must choose for ourselves what is real

Believe in goodness and seek it!

Believe that goodness is not in acquiescence

Do not believe that you are stupid or impotent

Do not believe that they are smarter than you!

Open up your eyes and your compassion

Become the reason that you are

And join me and become a terrorist of the heart!


3 thoughts on “I Am a Terrorist

  1. Thank you Ayesha, the ignorance and fear that is ruling the American conciseness alarms me. America sees itself as the policeman of the world. We promise democracy and in reality bring Corporate World Order. This knowledge and the lie that perpetuates it, is why I have declared that I am a terrorist in my own country, a terrorist of truth, a terrorist of love, compassion and heart!!!


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