Perfect Cup of Tea

Perfect Cup of Tea

You are the perfect cup of tea

the porcelain of your body
is as pure as fresh snow

The walls of your cup
equal to the arch of your handle

You are as perfectly formed as a potter can throw

and your painted design
as demure as the flowers they display

Then there is, your interior

the brew, the chai, the body that embraces
holds, warms, earthy and delicately subtle

as sensual as your kiss, perfumed and fragrant
with just a hint of lemon


Ultimate Truth


“I am not an intellect nor do I have learning, my faith is based on intuition that I have felt since childhood and refused to denounce; that god is love and that god is good.”

Geoffrey Todd Lake or simply John


My life has come to this


Although wanting it

I have fought it, resisted it

Because I wanted it

On my terms

And after nineteen months

I am just beginning to accept it


I read once that novice monks

Entering a certain Buddhist monastery

Were placed in caves alone for three years

Before they began their training

Because it took three years

To decompress from the life we have been living

Before we could begin any serious

Understanding of our true nature

Of anything


I said after years of working

In theater and film

That I wanted to isolate myself until

I overcame boredom

Nineteen months later

With no money, cloths ragged, refrigerator empty

I am just beginning to accept my condition

Am I poor?

I have shelter and food.

Can I afford to go out? No

Give to the church? Not yet

But am I mistaken?

I don’t think so


I only have to realizes

A lifetime of behavior

What is my goal? Freedom

What is freedom? I don’t know

I have always thought

Freedom was living without prejudice

Without preconceived ideas

With only love and forgiveness in your heart

I thought freedom was truth

And that truth was love

I always thought

That God was truth

And that

Truth was God


Now I must face my demons

My past, my present and my future

Hopefully as I subdue my ego

I will be able to embrace reality



I don’t know

I think and hope

Realty is God

So I follow my journey

To the ultimate truth





skitsə frēnēə,-frenēə/


1. a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

2. a poet.