Drag Out

Drag Out
Five forty foot trucks. Fifty stagehands sweating and straining carrying two hundred pound decks up hill. One after the other delivered into teamster’s hands that speak roughly, sporting prison tattoos. Inside the theater three-story high grid, with men pulling lines, ropes worn with age, filled with hemp splinters–which are too small to see until they infect the hands then squirt out pus and blood a week latter. Electricians climbing high, hanging from harnesses, lowering lights and cable from electric bridges.

Below the stage… basement and plenum constitute a maze of corridors, a labyrinth of wardrobe crates and props being pushed and pulled to stage level to be raised up the ramp onto the streets and then loaded onto trucks.

On the floors rest garbage and debris, ready to be swept up, a constant vigil to prevent tripping and broken casters. The noise; the den of fifty people pushing and pulling at break neck speed. Groans and grunts, bosses barking orders, the laughter of men cheering themselves with humor… and… the occasional scream as one goes down wounded or injured. Like a scene from Dante’s Inferno the stagehands move in a constant circle, up the ramp… then… back down for another load. Each man, his own Sisyphus endlessly leaning on the hope for the end of the Drag Out!


Boredom and Gomorra

Boredom and Gomorra
I am angry and tired
sick to disgust
with the so called creative

The open mike masturbators
spewing their spunk
jizzing with pride
their paltry thoughts decried
coming all over themselves
and the audience

It takes days to recuperate
and many a hot shower
even a walk on a mountain
to stop all my sneering
after an evening of snoring
at Boredom and Gomorra



To many ghosts have been entrusted to me
To many beauties
To many lives as precious as gems
All of them living, entrusted to my care.

How do I let them go, these pearls and emeralds of souls?
How do I rid myself, of the guilt of their deaths?
How do I try, when my eyes drip diamonds as tears?
And the brilliance of these gems shine, enshrined in my tiara of thorns.